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Ryan White

Sports Massage Therapist

Ryan is a qualified HFPA Sports Massage Therapist and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

Ryan has a vast knowledge with sports injuries and the challenges of being an athlete, he has been racing bicycles and distance running for over 10 years and a golfer for most of his life. His passion for health and fitness has lead him to sport massage.

Ryan has experience in deep tissue and sports massage, both techniques are ideal to treat injuries as well as preventative treatment dealing with the health of muscles and connective tissue, range of motion, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle, quality of posture as well as stress relief. He Also Focuses on pre and post event massages.

Ryan Does in-house sports massage, can travel to your sports clubs or gyms as well as on tour massages and technical support for cyclists and runners, he also works closely with golfers to assist in range of motion to improve technique and agility.

Through nutritional advise, fitness training and massage Ryan strives to achieve optimum results for his clients

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EXCLUSIVELY YOURS info@340onmain.co.za | 0861 340 MAIN (6246)